New Single: Weimar - The Girls of L.A

This week was the second anniversary of the first UK Covid 19 Lockdown. Back then, there was no sign of a vaccine and it seemed like a dystopian nightmare directed by M Night Shyamalan. Now of course, we're all vaccined to our eyeballs and everything is back to how it was before all this unpleasant nonsense began, isn't it? You'd think so.

Monday 14th March was much like any other Monday, except that was the day I tested positive. I'd been to take the dog for a nice long walk that afternoon and was strangely tired when I got back; putting it down to age, I had a nap and thought nothing of it. Later that night I got so cold and shakey I needed to check. Then....BING, straight up on the lateral flow test. 

Now many of you would have had Covid in some form by now, perhaps even more than once. Many of you would have had next to no symptoms and been deeply frustrated by the inconvenience - I wasn't quite so fortunate. I'm not going to pretend I was on death's door by any stretch of the imagination, but for four or five days I was pretty wiped out; it was a deeply unpleasant week which I wouldn't wish on anyone. I'm now of the opinion that perhaps our collective desire to close our eyes, put our fingers in our ears and sing "La la la laaaaaaaa" is a little misguided.s

 Hey ho....let's go.

Mancunian Art Rock collective Weimar have been dilligently doing their thing for several years now. Somewhere on the intersection between the Proto Punk of The Velvet Underground and The Modern Lovers, the 80s' cinematic New Wave of The Church and The Psychedelic Furs - the exuberance of eccentric singer Aidan Cross has parallels to that of Felt's Lawrence Hayward. 

The band have been a mainstay on the Manchester live scence and come with a wealth of experience. Comprising of Cross on vocals, Stephen Sarson on guitar, John Armstrong on bass and former The Deceased drummer Anthony 'Eddy' Edwards, the band have released new single 'The Girls of L.A', accompanied by a brand new video. (See above.)

Traditionally, the band have been dark and brooding in their approach to subject matter and lyrical content, yet 'The Girls of L.A' has a much more upbeat approach. The song is an ode to the hard working spirit of the bottle-service girls of L.A's bars and clubs, often themselves looking for their big break in the shadow of Hollywood's alluring pull. It's written as an ode to their acumen and headstrong approach to following their dreams when it may be easier to give up; the band will no doubt be able to relate.

The video - which will premeire soon - is a celebration of these women with the band playing live and also stars up and coming actress and model Ashley Marsh. 'The Girls of L.A' is a pre-cursor to Weimar’s debut album and will not be on the album.  'Dancing On A Volcano' is released on 24th June on German Shephard Records, it will feature 12 completely new and previously unreleased tracks.

You can follow Weimar and find out more on FacebookTwitterInstagram. Buy from the Bandcamp link below.


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